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Philip Gordon and Elizabeth Rodgers interviewed by Huffington Post about Harvard University professor’s denied tenure

Philip Gordon, together with Elizabeth Rodgers of Rodgers, Powers & Schwartz LLP, is leading part of the Title IX effort against Harvard University. They represent Dr. Kimberly Theidon, an accomplished anthropology professor at Harvard University who has seemingly been denied tenure for supporting students who were victims of sexual assault and critical of Harvard’s approach to their cases.  Click here to read an interview with Theidon, Gordon and Rodgers.

Colleges and universities across the country are facing ever-increasing scrutiny as to how they deal with instances of sexual assault on campus, including Harvard University where students have filed a separate Title IX complaint to the U.S. Department of Education. Title IX protects students against sexual harassment and sexual violence because it denies the student the right to an education free from discrimination. There has been a wave of exposure in the media, including coverage of Theidon’s case which you can read here. You can also read the Huffington Post’s coverage of Harvard’s students’ complaint by clicking here.

Title IX: A brief review

Title IX

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance”

Title IX is a law passed in 1972 designed to require gender equality in every federally funded educational program. Title IX is perhaps best known for providing equal opportunities in athletics. However, the law has a wide scope and refers to many different areas including:

  • Athletics
  • Learning Environment
  • Access to Higher Education
  • Math and Science
  • Career Education
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students
  • Standardized Testing
  • Employment
  • Technology

As a result, any person involved in federally funded education, from students to teachers, is protected by Title IX from any discriminatory, retaliatory or biased factors that may arise in the classroom, on the sports field, or in any other arena.

Philip Gordon and Elizabeth Rodgers have represented clients in a range of Title IX matters and can provide the experience and know-how to implement a law that many schools are not in compliance with or simply do not understand.

For more information on Title IX, visit www.titleix.info or contact us.