Know Your Title IX Rights

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex against any person who participates in any federally funded education program. This means that many schools, colleges and universities across the country are subject to Title IX laws.

Contrary to popular opinion, Title IX does not apply just to college athletics. Title IX typically applies to 10 topics, ranging from standardized testing to technology.  We focus here specifically on sexual assault and sexual harassment cases, and we have a history of representing clients in Title IX matter against their schools.

Furthermore, Title IX law does not just apply to female students. Title IX protects equal rights in federally funded education for each and every person involved. This includes students, staff, faculty and other employees. It also includes women, girls, men and boys; those with or without disabilities; and international and undocumented workers. Under Title IX, every person has a right to pursue education or work in education, free from sex discrimination, sexual violence and sexual harassment.

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