University of Denver may have to pay female faculty for paying them less than the men

Female faculty members at the University of Denver law school could be receiving a major payout if accusations by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) prove accurate. In August, the agency sent the university notification that evidence of a gender pay gap was found during a recent investigation. According to the commission, these illegal practices date back to at least 1973, and the agency further alleges that the school “took no action to ameliorate this disparity, in effect intentionally condoning and formalizing a history of wage disparity based on sex.” The EEOC investigation stemmed from the complaint of a university law professor, Lucy Marsh.

In 2014, the university reportedly hired a consultant to provide a thorough evaluation of the law school’s pay structure. According to reports, the consultant determined that gender played no role in the process of determining compensation.

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